The Nerd Quotient of My Neighborhood Just Skyrocketed

Kenn has been working me like a dogg at Embroiddme, but that ain’t a bad thing as I is broke! You know it’s bad when you finally get around to doing your taxes cuz’ you know you’ll get a refund. I got my poor delapidated bike from the shop today and it cost 1/3 of the bike’s initial price to get the back tire replaced (I done broke the axle). It’s in sore need of a tune up too but I told them I’d be back in a few paychecks.

Also upon the umpteenth accountancy review of KhanCon and Ghostbusters Con it has been uncovered that Second Level Wizards is taking a bath.

I waited too long to go pick up my ‘held’ Ghostbusters X-Box game and they sold it on me.

And now the good news:

Connection Games & Comics is opening on my street in just 5 days! That’s pretty exciting for me. I know that my studio is just above RX Comics, but now I have close access to twice as much geekdom–plus they don’t have gaming stuff at RX.

The next Second Level Wizards event is sure to be a success, and is being masterminded by our marketing guru Kathryn! I get to dress up. Also we need to have another Saturday Morning Cartoon Party ASAP!

Time to sell some junk and make some room in here!

My birthday is on Sunday and I get to chill out, dickwad.

More on these stories as they develop.