Pre-Post Apocalyptic

Staying on target for MUTILATOR is easy when you’ve got access to many a post-apocalyptic movie at your disposal. Here’s what I’ve been watching lately:

Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

The Day After – TV Movie set in Kansas. No mohawked bikers but a nice depressing ending which is key to a good post apocalyptic film

A Boy And His Dog – very ’70s

The World, the Flesh and the Devil – great!

Tank Girl – sucks!

Panic in Year Zero! – surprisingly good.

The Last Train BBC miniseries – started out decent, couldn’t finish it.

The Last Man on Earth (50’s with Vincent Price) – Good!

Omega Man (remake of Last Man on Earth) – Unwatchable!

I Am Legend (another remake of above) – Not bad

Red Dawn – not enough mutants

Quiet Earth – good

Testament – see Red Dawn

Day of the Triffids BBC miniseries – great!

The Postman – don’t watch this.

3 Replies to “Pre-Post Apocalyptic”

  1. You have to borrow Blood of Heroes from us. Best post apocolyptic movie ever. I even like it better than Mad Max and Road Warrior, and I love both of those dearly. Also, Beyond Thunderdome should never be watched by anyone. It sucked. I like to pretend there were only 2 movies in that trilogy. Although skipping over all the scenes with the stupid kids and only watching the thunderdome and barter town bits is acceptable.

  2. The Last Man On Earth and Omega Man are based off the book “I Am Legend” which everyone should read. It is much better than the recent version.

    Also, I’m surprised you didn’t have Hell Comes To Frogtown on that list! Classic!

  3. Blood of Heroes is definitely in the queue, I don’t think I’ve seen it all the way through. Also Night of the Comet, The Stand, La Dernier Combat, Escape from NY, and Threads!

    I totally forgot about Hell Comes to Frogtown! Good call Banks!

    Tried to watch Judge Dredd last night and fell asleep….

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