Evil Dupligator


Now the thing about Dupligator is that he’s a nightmare PC by the very nature of his powers. I came to realize that and removed him as a sample PC to become a hero-turned-villain in the WWFJ mythos, and with that comes the inevitable costume change.

I did these sketches while manning the Second Level Wizards booth at the Hayao Miyazaki Film Fest. I only had two coloured pens with me at the time, orange and blue.


Of the ones below, I like B best. Since he is from the future, I figure I can dress him up in anything and say it’s the style of his time. B seems futuristic but not over-the-top supervillain. Click image to enlarge.


3 Replies to “Evil Dupligator”

  1. (a) looks to X-men like with the cross straps, but (b) has a lab coat look with the big buttons and short sleeves. I think (d) works best for me, especially the wrist bracers.

  2. I’m not crazy about a, b, c, or d, but I do like the large version of Dupligator above them all.

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