A Little Dignity

Trevor and I are in the store, doing our regular stuff. The door chimes and we both go up to the front.

GUY IN BIKE HELMET: I wash windows. Do you want your windows washed? Ten bucks.

ME: Uh, I can’t really answer that, the boss isn’t here right now. Do you have a business card?

GIBH: No, I was just passing by in the neighborhood so I wanted to see if you wanted your windows done while I was here.

ME: Well I expect the boss back later today if you want to come back.

GIBH: If I have to come back then it will be another ten bucks.

ME: Oh, well I guess the answer is ‘no’ then.

GIBH: Yeah well you should have said that at the beginning then, shouldn’t you? Imagine if it was you looking for work.

ME: [stares blankly]

GIBH: Imagine if it was you.

ME: Okay….

GIBH: You’d want to be shown a little dignity. If you were going around town all day you’d deserve a little dignity, right?

ME: Right.

GIBH: Yeah, that’s right.

Guy leaves.

ME (to Trevor): What an asshole.

Kenn steps back into the shop.

KENN: That looked like an interesting conversation.