Dark Viscous Phlegm Slithers Through My Sinuses

My two week cold was on the way out when Deanna infected me with a new, more virulent strain! Lucky me I cancelled all my weekend plans and stayed home filling various parts of the house with mucous.

In other news, I watched an episode or two of The Simpsons the other day, and it is surreal to think that they are still making episodes. The Simpsons started the year after I got out of high school. Kids who graduated last year have had the Simpsons on TV their entire life. We’re used to cartoon characters not aging, but Bart has been 10 years old for twenty years now – meaning if he were a live action actor he’d be 30. In season one and two there was no world wide web, no mobile phones (except car phones) and certainly no youtube. Considering the TV environment of that time consisted of Cheers, Cosby Show, Home Improvement, Golden Girls and Wings, many of the references from the first 10 years are lost on modern viewers. Not to mention the fact that it seems to me that TV itself is going out of style, what with torrents and whatnots.

Now Simpsons is in HD and they’ve revamped their opening titles.

This whole thing makes me feel weird inside.

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  1. I remember when we watched the very first Simpsons episode ever — you and I were over at Chris Woods’ place, and I can still remember Chris guffawing while saying “That’s so racist!” when Apu appeared.

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