WWFJ Blurb

Everyone from doctors to lawyers to comic shop staff are familiar with the perennial debate that’s kept the schoolyard (and later the internet forums) lively for decades; who would win in a fight: InvinciBull or Metalligator?

The adventures of the anthropomorphic animal superheroes of The World Wildlife Federation of Justice (WWFJ) and their foes have brought joy to boys and girls of all ages for years, but always under the reign of those haughty comic book writers up in their ivory towers at Stalwart-Hog Comics.

Now, finally, Atomic Overmind Press puts you in control of your favourite funny animal superheroes.

We’ve gone through thousands upon thousands of classic dog-eared copies of Tails to Enthrall, Robot Reindeer and even Vault of Anthropomorphic Horror to get all our literal ducks in a row. Using the award-winning Mutants & Masterminds roleplaying game system, we can now say with confidence exactly how much weight Enormouse can lift, how fast Velocelot can run, how many peasants it takes to sate Rhinosferatu’s dark thirst, and just what the hell it is that The Impossum can do!

Not only have we tackled the onerous task of quantifying the many powers of the WWFJ and their various nemeses, but we’ve also laid the groundwork for you to create your own amazing animal heroes in the setting. Because when Astromandrill, The Great Wolverini and the rest of the WWFJ already have their paws full on the other side of the world or beyond the stars – who will answer the call to justice?

High jinks await!

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