Argle Bargle

The Dark Tale Weaver 1/4 page
description: Spooky up-lit shot of a storyteller engrossed in telling a terrifying tale to a few listeners. Storyteller may be “into” their story enough to look a bit crazed.

Models: Montana (storyteller), Jasmine and Talia (audience)
Costume: cloaks and so forth. Do we still have that furry cloak from this photo that Rob took of Montana some time ago? It’s almost perfect but we have to change the lighting to appear like it’s coming from the campfire.

Dark Dreams 1/4 page.

description: A person wakes up from a terrify dream. They are frightened, and covered in sweat.

Model – Talia (preferred)
Costume – some kind of night shirt, with long sleeves. Nothing dark. Doesn’t need to be slinky in any way, just something that could remotely pass as period appropriate. See here:

Lighting notes – would like to get something dramatic like the thumbnail from a movie that I put into the top left corner of my work-in-progress below.

The Haunted Place – HALF PAGE

description: Pick one or more of the suitable entries from this story. Can definitely have a teen slasher movie feel to the drama (lots of terror, no gore).

Model: tbd
Costume: tbd

I get to choose from a long list, I’ve singled out a few I like below – let me know if something jumps out at you and we can discuss!

OPTION 1 – character ran out of the building screaming, flailing about themself as if plagued by stinging insects.
OPTION 2 – A massive claw reached through a wall and dragged their friend back into it, passing into someplace else. Immediately afterwards, the wall was solid.
OPTION 3- character cowering in a corner all night, watching a steady stream of spectral shapes parade across the floor, flapping, flowing, hopping, or simply walking from a glowing portal in one wall, to a similar portal across the room from it. In the morning they had visibly
aged a dozen years.
OPTION 4- friend’s face literally melted away, flesh sloughing off it like hot wax, revealing a porcelain doll like visage, with fangs like a viper fish. When it lunged for The Character, it tripped, smashing porcelain and fangs into shards (this could have two characters)
OPTION 5 -One by one, floating candles appeared. They burned without giving off heat or light beyond their own illumination. They flocked together like swirling clouds of curious moths investigating the intruders, then chose one of them settling onto their victim, who burst into lightless, heatless flame. Moments later, another floating candle joined the cloud and they all moved on. (this could have two or possibly 3 characters)

The Abandoned Building. 1/4 page

description: Exterior shot of one or people approaching what looks like a classic haunted mansion. The building can be mostly silhouette, with the top elements overlapping the graphic bar at top. Night scene with edge-lighting etc.

Model: anyone
Costume: d&d appropriate garb (the work in progress pic below is not correct costume)
Props: lantern! Need to match light more or less. Might need to take the photos outside while it’s dark, weather permitting.

War Mask 1/4 page

description: An elf displaying strong emotion, which causes a tribal war masque tattoo to show on their face.

Model: Jasmine (preferred)
Costume: cloak or whatever. We won’t see much of it
Lighting notes – something dramatic, but don’t want much shadow covering up the tattoo area

I Talk to the Trees. 1/4 page

description: Angry Tree Lords raging at elves running in terror. Call them ents, call them treants, they are massive, mobile tree-like beings who appear to be more quick to anger than good ol’ ents. Or maybe they just have a really long-standing grudge with these elves.

Models – probably none

Unicorns being Unicorns 1/4 page

Image: A unicorn standing over the body of a dead elf, it’s horn bloody and threatening to attack anyone else nearby.

Model – probably none. I already have something from my archives

Journaled Madness

Model – none, I’ve already got what I need for this

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