Devil’s, I mean, God’s Advocate

This is akin to the videos where that newfie celeb goes around interviewing Americans to show how stupid they are. You know there are people who have intelligent answers to things but they don’t show those ones because they’re not funny. But still, watch this:

Now if I was an anti-abortionist I could answer that two ways:

If I was Judgy Churchgoer, I would say the offenders would have to to go God Camp to learn how to be a good Christian, i.e. be browbeaten by fundies for several months.

Otherwise I would say the fine for an abortion would be equivalent to what it costs to raise a child, and that money would go towards, let’s say, an orphan or underprivileged child (or children).

Of course I am NOT a pro-lifer and I am NOT religious and both of those are ridiculous and in fact I believe that one should require a license to have children and doing so without a license should be illegal. But abortions are always free. If I had my druthers, that is, which I know I do not and never will for a number of reasons most of which you can guess, I’m sure.

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