Movies I Never Saw On The Big Screen…

But now I can! Who’s up for some awesome films in comfy chairs downtown at the VanCity Theatre next week?


The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Wednesday, Jan 21 at 7:00 pm


Forbidden Planet

Thursday, Jan 22 at 7:00 pm



Thursday, Jan 22 at 9:30 pm

3 Replies to “Movies I Never Saw On The Big Screen…”

  1. Is there a schedule somewhere? I’m choked because I already have a few commitments next week but definitely want to see Sinbad and Alien. And Forbidden Planet. Okay all of ’em.

  2. I think I saw Alien with Sheri on Granville a few years ago if I’m not mistaken. Don’t remember why it was playing… 25th anniv or something?

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