It’s Kicked In

…the busy-ness, I mean.

The annoying thing about the film industry is that you absolutely cannot predict what you’re going to be doing. A few weeks back I had two auditions in the same day – one for a diaper commercial and one for a beer commercial. I’m glad I got the diaper commercial over the beer commercial, though I would have made more money with the latter, especially considering I was an extra for the Huggies commercial. It filmed Thursday and Friday. At the beginning of the week I was told wardrobe on Wednesday shooting on Friday and maybe Thursday. On Tuesday night I found out no wardrobe and shooting on Friday and maybe Thursday. On Wednesday night I found out shooting on Thursday. On Thursday night I found out shooting on Friday. You can imagine how this messes with my day job schedule.

I don’t know if I want to describe the commercial here, but suffice to say there were robots and animated restroom icons dancing around…and me too. The Potty Dance. Something to behold and if I find the commercial online I’ll post it here. Not that you’ll be able to see me as I was in the very back of the toddler pride parade. Lots of good food though. And speaking of food, I’m on a diet again, so stop giving me all that candy.

Back with more news soon – now I must go read a script.