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Does anyone have any suggestions on getting my X-Box “live” i.e. on the internet, in a non-expensive fashion, given that we have our non-wireless router in a completely different room?

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  1. You’re going to have to string a network cable from your router to the 360, obviously. How you do that so it’s not just hanging out in the open depends on your layout and distance, and whether or not you’re confident drilling holes in the wall.

  2. I know about the whole cable thing :); I am hoping to avoid stringing more cables all over the house. I am just wondering if there are any work around and cheats to replace the $100 wireless adapter that Microsoft offers.

  3. Just had this exact problem a few months ago, as I bought a 360 and wanted to play online but my router/modem/computer are in another room. There are some wireless USB devices you can buy, like these – – but the problem is that you are unable to install the proper device drivers on the xbox unless your hack your 360. That’s the reason I believe only the official Microsoft wireless USB device works on an xbox.

    Since I had already purchased a wireless USB thingy before realizing it wouldn’t work with my 360, I ended up moving my firewall router and cable modem into the same room as my xbox, and setting my previously wired-only desktop computer up with the wireless USB device. So my comptur went from wired to wireless and my xbox uses a short cable. This way I could use a cheaper $40 wireless USB rather than the Microsoft one.

    Not sure if that’s the solution you want but maybe it will help you decide.

  4. You could probably pick up a wireless bridge, although a cursory glance at that sort of thing pegs them around the $99 mark.

  5. Ah, well if you have a Wireless router you can buy a wireless bridge. NCIX has one for $69. That’ll use yet another power plug, of course, while the 360 wireless adapter runs off the 360’s power.

    You can also use the DD-WRT firmware on a compatible wireless router (you’d buy a second one, but they’re cheaper than bridges) and follow these instructions to turn it into a Wireless Bridge.

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