This is an Outrage!

I have been tracking – on the Canada Post website – the journey of my new batch of giant squid light switch covers which have ironically been coming from Nova Scotia (ironic because they have giant squid there from time to time).


Yesterday I noticed they were in Richmond so I was excited because I thought there’d be a good chance I’d get them in the mail today (Monday). I had them mailed to my work. I was at work from about 9:45 until 4:30 or so. So were 3 other people, on and off. So you can imagine my surprise when I checked at 4:30 to see that there was an “attempted delivery” and “notice card left” because somehow all four of us missed it and there was nary a notice card to be found in the place.

I went down to the West Broadway PO and I says to the lady “what’s all this then?” She checks her computer and tells me it’s not there. I say something to the effect of “you mean this information off the website is not accurate?
Isn’t the package scanned at these times at these places?” She tells me bluntly “No. Try again tomorrow.”

So now you know that the Canada Post tracking system is a bunch of bullshit. Just thought you might like to know so that you too can be OUTRAGED!

Thanks to David Herrold – from the 2008 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival