Cthulhupalooza Poster Mockups

Which one do you prefer?
Which one makes a better poster?
Which one would you buy on a shirt?

5 Replies to “Cthulhupalooza Poster Mockups”

  1. I definitely prefer the punk Cthulhu for a shirt, but I think they both make good posters. One for boy fans and one for girl fans. Can you guess which is which? Wait … was that sexist? I better edit this before I accidentally press submit com–

  2. The drummer makes a cool poster, but would be a little to harried for a t-shirt. Purple booted Cthulhu looks great in any media.

  3. The first one, definitely. First off, he’s playing all the instruments, which is SO Cthulhu! Second, it’s wider than it is tall, and that works better on a t-shirt.

  4. The first one – plus, the colours can be shuffled, depending on the shirt color. It doesn’t have to be a girly shirt design, the lime and pink are just skewing it that way.

  5. I like the bottom one, but seems like it could be…more dynamic? Like “about to smash” rather than “just smashed”…Cthulhu’s got so many bits and pieces to convey tension and motion!

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