Hurried Scribblings

Well, it’s been a busy week! I’ve spent most of my free time looking for a place to live for me, Deanna, Kodos and Lunch, to no avail. We’ve gone as far as Lougheed and Edmonds too – BURNABY NO LESS! And of course getting Rhinosferatu done as you have seen. The band had a big meeting this week about a lot of stuff. Maybe in 2009 we’ll play the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear in Toronto. I’ve been planning for a very special rock show in November which I’ll announce properly when the time is right. We’re also getting ready for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland and I’m trying to find some way to share travel expenses – nobody (so far) from Van can give us a ride so maybe I can offer some seats on a rented car for the weekend? It’s gonna be fun! I left the helmet part of my costume at The Funhouse weekend before last which is a pain – I either need to pick it up on the way or make a new one before the fest. Oh – that reminds me! Our show at the Funhouse! Pretty neat. The Funhouse is a small bar similar to many in downtown/east van like Pat’s Pub or The Cobalt. We had a good turnout all things considered for a show that we only booked so that our work order would extend to cover the HPLFF. You see the way P2 visas for performers work is that if you don’t have a gig for more than a month then your visa is no good. But it turned out to be a good show with a good turnout and we sold CDs to boot. We played with The Keeper and Bloodhag – two nerd bands so you know it was a good bill. Bloodhag was hilarious and wants to play with us again so I’m going to invite them up to Vancouver for a show in January. Their schtick is short metal songs about sci-fi authors – they sang about Anne McAffrey, Douglas Adams, Frederick Pohl and of course H.P. Lovecraft. At the end of the show they threw out mass market paperbacks – I got an Arthur C Clarke.

In all that I managed to sneak in a game of D&D and also finally made it to the September Vancouver Comic Jam. Here’s one strip that I STARTED:
for more of that sort of thing.

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