Rhinosferatu Page 3

Panel 1: I cannot draw parallel lines it seems.
Panel 2: This is supposed to portray the climbing of the stairs and the nervousness of the rhino, more or less at the same moment, I’m not sure if I pulled that off. I thought the stairs would be a cool graphical divide between the two images but it might come across as if there are two rhinos in the same shot?
Panel 3: This turned out better than I thought it would, with all the cross hatching. I always save the perspective until last.
Panels 5-7: These are four panels. Does it look like there are four panels here?
Panel 8: Probably my favourite panel of the comic. Definitely my fave of the page.
Panel 9-11: Just realized I forgot to put a white border between panels 9 and 10. Oops.