Rhinosferatu Page 2


Panel 3: I had hoped to make the croc darker to better illustrate the torch went out, but I decided that would be overworking the art.
Panel 4: I like the swoosh and splat supercede the panel border. I was unhappy with my inking technique on the croc here.
Panels 5-8: I did a little Mignolaesque trick of throwing in bits of stuff to take up unused space, since originally this was two side by side shots of Rhino face getting splattered, but I couldn’t get them to fit in the space here until I broke it up and put in the sword and splortch.
Panel 9: I thought this was going to look awful, but I kind of like it. I pretty much traced the pillars from some random jpeg on google.
Panel 10: I hemmed and hawwed about putting that ‘ouch’ star in. You’ll notice there is absolutely no sound effects or word balloons in this story. This is the closest thing to one.