Monsters VS. Aliens

Dreamworks, summer 2009. Not judging, just showing.

4 Replies to “Monsters VS. Aliens”

  1. Surely Dreamworks is aware that “Bob” looks like a complete amalgam of Mike and Sully from Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.”.

    And is it just me, or does it look like the “Aliens” are the bad guys and are all scientists? Oh boy, maybe the Monsters will win by using their faith!

  2. Puck, B.O.B. is a take off on the Blob (this is more obvious in the leaked trailer). I assume the eye was added as it’s difficult to have a character convey semi-complicated emotions without eyes (which is one of the reasons cartoon characters are designed with larger eyes). I highly doubt if any similiarity was intentionally built-in.
    Between this and Kung Fu panda, it looks like Dreamworks is finally stepping up to the plate in terms of character and art direction.
    Kung Fu panda was remarkable for Dreamworks in that they didn’t litter the script with stupid pop-culture jokes. I’m hoping this movie contiues the upward trend Dreamworks has going adn expands upon it. If it’s a “family entertainment” movie, fine, just make it silly and not stupid.

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