6 Replies to “Ogres and Such”

  1. Not sure what the heck is going on in any of them, but page 3 has solid action feel and style that jumps out.

  2. Both are good, but the first panel if page three feels dead compared to the rest of the page. Also, it feels disjointed, but that could change had we dialog to fill it out. If it’s “silent”, then the story progression is not clear.

  3. I like page 3. I had to think too hard to see what you were showing in page 1. And thinking is for suckers.

  4. I think that your artwork looks awesome. I think that your comic style improves with every page. I think that the unseen words will clarify everything that isn’t visually apparent (but then again, you don’t get more biased than me on that last point).

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