I don’t really consider myself a comic collector. I don’t pick up titles regularly. I don’t have a box at a local comic store. If it wasn’t for the fact that my studio is over a comic book store, I wouldn’t go in every week. But as it is, I have been checking out what’s on the stand (always wise if you’re getting into the business), and something came out this week that I am very happy to add to my comic pile.

In 2004 I was in contact with Marcus Moore, with whom I traded some Rocket Robin Hood episodes on VHS. He was at the time working on some stuff for Hoverboy: The Republican Super-Hero! The stuff I saw was great – he was working on cartoons that “borrowed” from Rocket Robin Hood, Spider-Man and the Fleischer Supermans. I won’t over-describe, you should just go [here] and see for yourself. The depth of hoaxitude with all the ‘archival material’ puts Spaceship Zero to shame. So when I stumbled upon Hoverboy #1 on the stands at RX Comics I snapped it up. And believe you me, it does not disappoint! This comic gets the Toren Atkinson Stamp of Approval. Don’t be a commie – shell out the $3.99 for good old American-Made (actually Canadian) product!
(Or if you’re weird and can’t make it to a comic shop, I can grab one for you.)