The Summoning

I got a call from my agent about a student film that was doing auditions. These are non-paying gigs but the last one (Hello Goodbye) was quite rewarding so I take them when I can. She had submitted two other people from her roster and I don’t know if they asked any other agencies to send them some actors. My agent described it as “a professor reads a book and is greedy and then scared,” which didn’t phase me as job descriptions are usually vague. The last commercial audition I did, for which I got a call back, I had no idea what it was about and still don’t (Sam got the job – yay Sam!).

Anyway I rode my bike down to the VFS campus on Burrard and Pacific and called one of the guys. They brought me up and described that this is going to be a 50 second short film about a guy who finds an evil book and starts reading from it. He summons a (CG) monster which attacks him and drains his life. End of film. The name Lovecraft came up. They had no idea who I was.

They showed me the animatic they did with one of the other students as the professor. Then they took me into another room and took photos of my head and my left hand from 45 degree angles (straight on, 3/4 view, profile, etc). Then they had me act like I was being attacked by a Cthulhu monster.

A few days later I got an email saying I got the job.