Pixar features only. All scores out of 10.

The Incredibles: 10
Monsters Inc: 9
Toy Story 2: 9
Finding Nemo: 8
Ratatouille: 8
Toy Story: 7
A Bug’s Life: 6

Cars: Didn’t see it.

2 Replies to “Pix'led.”

  1. I have Cars. I fell asleep right before the hero was about to learn a life lesson.

    I dunno. They’re cars. I just couldn’t care enough.

  2. I would put them in the exact same order, including not having seen Cars. Maaaybe I would score TS2 a notch lower. I haven’t yet seen WALL-E, but 9’s about where I’m expecting to put it based on the enthusiasm of some trusted animation pundit pals. Some of these pals are saying “better than The Incredibles” but I’m awfully skeptical about such high praise.

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