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I discovered something fun to do on the internet! is not only a source of information on local restaurants, but if you’re a fan of you may find some enjoyment in the various user (often with Entertainment Book coupons in hand) reviews of some very special eateries. The Foundation and Budgies Burritos (two places I visit whenever I’m in the mood for some bittersweetness) are sure bets for some giggles.

Here’s a couple of choice quotes:

The food is unbelievably dissatisfying and expensive. What I was most shocked with was that they served it on plates the size of a baby’s fist. Sadly, quality did not reflect upon the quantity. I deeply considered licking the incredibly saline dish clean to wonder if I’d get fulfilled. I cried (inside) with sadly. I could feel myself withering away… Why must you torture this hungry man? Why must I pry my 40$ from the grapples of my wallet? It told me to run away.. please it pleaded, please..

We ordered our burgers, and sat down while they were cooked. The lady who was tending the cash register was scratching her head alot. (no big deal) This didn’t bother me until I saw her tend to my burger fixings. She had just handled a cash transaction, and then proceeded to touch my burger with her bare hands (that have just handled cash and her hair) I couldn’t finish my entire burger after that..
I had the runs the next day unfortunately. (I only get the runs after eating a certain Pho restaurants)

I have been served in the summer time by the girl with the ultra hairy pits, and even though that’s not my bag, and I think it’s kind of gross, that didn’t detract me. I will say, however, that the same girl was pretty rude to me, and I’m a really nice person. I tip pretty big (most of the time if I have the cash). But I have never been in there when the staff wasn’t rude. The last straw was yesterday when I walked there from my workplace (Main & Terminal) for a yummy burrito, stood in line for ten minutes, and the girl behind the counter looked right past me and asked the guy behind me in line what he wanted. Like, what was I doing there? I just walked out, and I will NEVER go back. These workers (who are probably part owners too) are worse than the Soup Nazi when it comes to service. They just don’t give a shit. Well, I don’t give that much of a shit about where I get a burrito either.

Quality entertainment. I myself got into the spirit of things, registered on the site, and have been touting my favourite spots and critiquing the many trendy joints that annoy me.

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  1. Interesting. The reasons you like this site are exactly the reasons I dislike this site! Ah the wild world we live in…

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