The Fall

I haven’t seen The Cell. This film shares the director, Tarsem. It looks way more interesting.

It seems that very few people have heard about, much less seen, this movie, which depending on who you go by either came out in 2006 or in May of this year. I would love to see it. Incidentally the trailer uses one of my favourite classical pieces of all time, but I don’t know the title or composer. Shame on me!

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  1. I second your sentiment. I couldn’t finish watching the trailer. I enjoyed it so much that I had to stop in fear of spoiling the movie for myself, which I now must absolutely see. I stopped right when the girl said, “I don’t like this story”. I can’t say that I agree. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this Toren. Let me know if you find it playing anywhere. Perhaps it can be arranged for the Rio on Commercial?

  2. K. Preachersen told me about this. It looks even better than I imagined. When when when?

  3. If anyone ventures into the Seattle area, it’s playing in a little theater in Tacoma. I wanted to see The Fall, but was vetoed by my friends who wanted to see Priceless instead.

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