Cool Things Sometimes Happen In My City

Happy Bats Cinema Films presents: SUNSCREEN ‘08 an outdoor film festival for short shorts.

FILM FESTIVAL DETAILS No pressure, and the rules are simple. On Sunday June 15th, 2008, it’s no car day on Main street. Happy Bats Cinema is going to have music, some visual stuff and prizes through the day, when Main is blocked off to traffic between 16th and 12th (or something like that).When it gets dark enough, we’re going to set up right in front of the store, and have a little short film festival.

The first step is sending an email to Subject: SUNSCREEN ‘08/FILM. Reserve a spot or two for your entries and get your place in the showing of this event, because we will have a time frame limiting the amount of films we will be able to screen. You may also register in person at the store, by paying for your spot, and leaving your name if you are the director, team leader, etc…


1. All films are to be up to 2 minutes in length. Just 2 minutes! Any genre, any theme, but the films have to be able to be viewed by anyone. So, if there is bad language, nudity, gore, we won’t be able to play the film. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we’re just going to be out in the open on this one, so it’s all ages. Films will be viewed before the screening, for content.

2. Films must have at least one Main street location in them. Wherever you like, but the more unique or recognizable, the better the mileage you’ll get out of it in such a short film.

3. Films must be handed in at Happy Bats Cinema by the time we close (11PM) on Thursday June 12, 2008. The entry fee is $5, and every dollar of every entry is going to be given as cash prizes to the awarded films. Films will be awarded by audience, and judges. Visit Happy Bats Cinema Films to see updates with our last minute judge announcements. Films on DVD please, we’ll provide you with a DVD case if you don’t have one, especially because a part of the films creativity is the cover art WHICH MUST BE PROVIDED WITH THE ENTRY AND HAND DRAWN. Stick men or fine art, and in the spirit of the first Happy Bats Cinema store sign, which was done by hand.

4. Get creative, and show your stuff. Some of the greatest films of all time are short, silent, and black or white, so don’t fret about having to toss the trailer park dialogue. It’s like taking props away from actors, they end up finding something to lean on.

5. THIS IS A COOL RULE; you may enter as many times as you like, and be like Hollywood and have fun with your own sequels. Title your films with Roman Numerals so we know which order to play them in. The films will not be played in succession, but will be played in order. Each film is it’s own individual submission. Please provide a contact name and phone number. ie; Mr. Director, 555-1212. There will be a limit to the amount of films screened, so for films that can’t be screened because of content or any other reason, filmmakers will have their entry fee returned. The films are short, so we’ll likely be able to screen most of the films, depending on how many entries we get. If in any circumstance, conditions apply towards the event being cancelled, an alternate date or location will be announced for the screening of the films. (talking about horrible weather, etc…) Email with any questions.

Happy Bats Cinema produces and co-produces original work and is currently casting for the next project, which is being worked on now. We are having one or two more days of principal shooting before June 8, 2008. Actors are needed for these dates and an upcoming live music show, (June 13, 2008) where they will be filmed as a part of the audience, to tie in with scenes shot in June and July. Send us your info! Happy Bats Cinema Films Contact us about our ongoing projects, and send your headshots and resumes!