Geoff presents:

Slackademics – Writing Fiction

Three hours is just enough time to scratch the surface of writing fiction, but in that time, I hope to pass-on some of what I learned during my year in SFU’s The Writer’s Studio. I’m going to focus on three main areas: how to improve your writing practice, how to improve your narrative, and how to get inside your character’s heads. The evening will include practice exercises, lecture, reading, and small but delicious portions of fun.

Where: Geoff’s place in Kitsilano (Details to be provided to confirmed attendees)

When: 6:30pm, Thursday, June 19th.

Kolja, you comin’? I know I’ll be there.

One Reply to “Writology”

  1. Somewhere Kolja heard his name being called out…

    After diverting a herd of frightened cattle from stampeding into a burning inferno, wherein he saved the trapped victims by smothering the fire with his own body, and afterwards gave more blood than was super-humanly possible to the local children’s hospital, he still managed to find an internet connection, surf to this website, and post a message — explaining that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he would make it to Geoff’s place in Kitsilano for the Fiction Writology.

    He’s that kind of guy.

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