Cartoon of the Day XI

Caution: Educational.

Sadly, I have never been able to work on films with a Hollywood-level of staffing, schedule or budget… outside of my advertising work that is. I have attempted to do this in my time of course but in my experience ‘artistic integrity’ and ‘creative independence’ do not go hand-in-hand with mainstream funding. Consequently, every film I’ve produced has been short and infused with a ‘stone soup’ philosophy… i.e. working from home, often entirely alone, with no time or money to play with. Partners, friends and students have been so supportive when help has been most needed. But essentially, everything you’ll see here has been achieved through a great deal of personal self-sacrifice, passion and stubbornness… in addition to an intense love of the traditionally animated artform! I therefore hope you will enjoy what you see here and will appreciate the ‘stone soup’ ethic that went behind it all.

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Name: Tony

I am a British Academy Award-winning animator, living and working in the Seattle region of the USA. I have made over 200 TV commercials (many award-winning), directed several short films, was responsible for The Pink Panther Strikes Again movie titles (thru the Richard Williams Studio) and have written two best-selling books on animation… ‘The Animator’s Workbook’ and ‘Animation from Pencils to Pixels ~ Classical Techniques for Digital Animators’. I am Chair of the art/animation department at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, WA. I am also founder of the ‘Animaticus Foundation’, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, education and evolution of the traditional 2D animated artform in the digital age. I also host the ‘2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival’ in Seattle each November.

Country: United States
Occupation: Animator/Director/Educator/Writer
Companies: DigiPen/Animaticus Foundation
Interests and Hobbies: Animation! Animation!! Animation!!!
Movies and Shows: All the classic Disney films that were made when Walt was alive (and making films the way they should be made)… especially PINOCCHIO, BAMBI and FANTASIA! Hayao Miyazaki’s SPIRITED AWAY, Sylvan Chomet’s TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE and Brad Bird’s IRON GIANT. ALL Pixar movies… especially Brad Bird’s! Many independent films outside of the Hollywood mainstream ‘straight jacket’, such as Chris Landreth’s RYAN… but really too many to mention here!
Music: All!
Books: Read? Who has time to read? There’s just too much drawing to be done! I do believe that Richard Williams’ The Animator’s Survival Kit is the ‘bible’ for all animators though! :^{)}=-