Couldn't Find My Thundercats VHS tapes.

Alright here’s the skinny for the SMCP this weekend:

Note that this is the first Cartoon Party at my new place in Kitsilano.
Note also that some cartoons scheduled may not be suitable for children.

Every year, come late winter, early spring, I have a Saturday Morning Cartoon Party, on–get this–a Saturday morning – usually about 9ish is when it starts. People come over (or sleep over the night before), some bring pyjamas or their favourite pillow or whatever, and milk and sugary-sweet cereal (Count Chocula is always represented). Then we watch 4 or more hours of old and new cartoons (usually old) from my vast collection of DVD and VHS tapes until everyone feels incredibly sick from all the sugar and laying about!

I think the first cartoon may begin at 8:45. Full schedule below.

A bowl, a spoon.

A pillow, some milk, some cereal.

What there will be here when you arrive: Sugary cereal, some 1% milk, an assortment of seats.

Things to know: Seating is limited, as always. Two cats are on site. My phone number is 604-737-xxxx. My email is

The schedule as of this writing:
8:45: Hulk
9: Justice League part 1
9:22 Rocket Robin Hood
9:47 Thundarr the Barbarian
10:10 Herculoids
10:20 Dungeons & Dragons
10:42: The Ripping Friends part 1
11:05 Peabody’s Improbable History
11:13 Superfriends
11:24 Bugs Bunny
11:30 The Simpsons
11:38 Duckman
12:00 The Tick
12:22 Samurai Jack
12:44 Powerpuff Girls
1:06 The Venture Brothers
1:28 Freakazoid
1:37: Futurama
2:00 The Ripping Friends part 2
2:22 Justice League part 2

2 Replies to “Couldn't Find My Thundercats VHS tapes.”

  1. No ghostbusters, no Stewie.

    No, seriously, my parents are coming into town, so I think Maria and I will have to miss out (booo!)

    But goot luck to the first party in the new joint!

    (and if you need/want a lift to the evening thing, lemme know)

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