Internet Assistance?

I’m on a network here in the new house, and I’m constantly getting disconnected from the internet for 10 seconds or a minute. It’s annoying. As far as I know nobody else in the house is having this problem. Any thoughts as to how to fix this?

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  1. Are you on network of the wireless variety? Check your device settings for your network card, and make sure your card isn’t set for some sort of Power Saving mode. Are you on a laptop or a tower.

    When you’re disconnected from the internet, try to “ping” someone else in the house (you *should* be able to see them still). I’m guessing you’re getting kicked off the network entirely for a bit, but if nobody else is having that problem, then it’s something new about your system.

    What’s weird is that my dad (in Whiterock) has almost exactly the same thing. He’ll run great for 5-10 minutes, and then disconnected (disappear) from MSN or remote session for 10-15 seconds.

  2. From the sounds of it I’m guess this is wireless. it could be that the wireless router that you are connected to get be conflicting with another wireless router in the same area. If that is the case then the wireless frequency channel that the router uses needs to be changed. The common settings are ch 1, 6, or 11. so if it’s on ch 1 try ch 11 or 6 and so on. Of course this is assuming you have access to change the settings on the wireless router. If you are using someone else’s wireless Internet then your out of luck with that one. Also Microwave ovens and cellular phones can also con interference with wireless networks so don’t try to download something when you are standing next to the nuker trying to heat up a Hot Pocket(tm). 😉 haha

  3. Well, if you’re on a wired connection, try zen’s suggestion – Could be a number of things, but if you can continue to hit the local network when you lose the interwebs, it narrows the problem down somewhat.

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