Art: Mostly Dull

Best and I went to the VAG last Thursday (ps – Tuesdays are now “pay what you can” days) to see the exhibits and hear a lecture on early photography. We looked at The Tree: From the
Sublime to the Social. There were a few good pieces, but mostly dull. We checked out Emily Carr and the Group of Seven. One or two decent ones, but mostly dull. TruthBeauty: Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art, 1845-1945 had the highest amount of interesting stuff…but mostly dull. I found the information on the movements and the history to be the most fascinating, while most of the photographs themselves were unmoving. The lecture we attended was critic, lecturer and teacher, A.D. Coleman giving “an exploration of the history of pictorialist photography.” It was generally enlightening and there were some decent bits, particularly the catfight between Ansel Adams and…that other guy…with an M or an E in his name (that goes to show you how much I retain) but guess what? Yeah, mostly dull. In fact, don’t tell Deanna, but I almost fell asleep once during the lecture. Which is not to say that I didn’t have a good time or that it wasn’t worthwhile or that there wasn’t some great stuff, because it was and had all of those things…but it could be so much better. It’s telling that the biggest and most prestigious gallery in Vancouver is constantly shown up by the smaller indie ones around town.

But I am looking forward to KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art which is coming in May.

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  1. wow that sounds odd because down here VAG or vag has become kind of slang for vagina so this post read very odd to me at first but I realised that VAG obviously was not being used in that fashion here.

  2. The tree exhibit was a total sausage fest which isn’t what you would expect from a place called VAG.

    don’t tell Toren but I had to concentrate and write mental to-do lists to stay awake during the talk. Also I didn’t actually listen and only looked at the pictures. However, I liked the pictorialism exhibit, especially the pictures you found boring.

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