I was biking to work yesterday morning, going through the intersection of Arbutus and 10th Ave (the bike route, naturally). I had stopped, waiting for the light, and when it turned green I pedaled hard to get up the incline. About halfway, maybe 3/5ths of the way through the intersection I completely lost control. I struggled to stay up but the momentum took me into the curb and I hit the ground all tangled up in my bike. I believe my words were “AGH.” I wish somebody caught it on video so that I could watch it and laugh at myself, and post it here.

After I picked myself up I noticed that the front brakes were disconnected somehow, which I suspect was the reason for the total bike failure. The back tire was completely warped and had 2 contact points with the frame, but I managed to ride it slowly and carefully the last 14 blocks to work.

At work I noticed that even though my pants suffered no damage, the skin on my knee was scraped, so I got to use the official EmbroidMe first aid kit. I also thought that I pulled something in my pectoral muscle while I was lifting boxes of jackets but now I think I may have hurt it during the fall and it just didn’t kick in until the adrenaline wore off a half hour later (somebody with a medical background should probably debunk that theory). I have a feeling I may have a bruised rib, but I will see if it goes away on it’s own over the weekend.

So now my bike is back in the shop. The good news is that Best got me a bunch of candy because of the ordeal – I should have bike accidents more often.