Red Ops 5

Check out that hot hot cover art for Red Ops 5! Red Ops 5 is a fast-paced modern Zombie skirmish miniature game for 15mm and 28mm scales. Powered by the award winning game engine found in all games by Two Hour Wargames, Red Ops 5 is next evolution in tactical Zombie warfare. So Lock and Load, you’ve got a few Zombies to kill…This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. Check out our Zombie Battle Box as well!

Hit the site and check it out if you like zombies miniatures and games involving said miniatures.

5 Replies to “Red Ops 5”

  1. Looks great! Did you get a free copy? I’d like to play it sometime. I love me some zombie horror.

  2. The art is cool. I’d love to see more paintings Toren. The game sounds fun also. With no minis, perhaps you can use cardboard hero or V&V style counter “minis”?

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