Mr. Cranky Pants

I have been Mister Cranky Pants for most of the weekend due to, well, I’m not 100% sure. I think it’s a combination of being sick, losing my cell phone charger, trying (unsuccessfully as always) to be handy by putting up shelves, getting a flat tire and having to take crowded and annoying transit during shitty weather, and being on my male period. But I bought a new charger, my bike is fixed though still in the shop, my man-period is waning and Best has been living up to her name. I think tonight will be pizza and bubble tea night, or something equally extravagant. Hold me back if you can!

3 Replies to “Mr. Cranky Pants”

  1. Hi Cranky pants, phoned Merrick last night, and he seems good, said to say hi to you…..hugs,

  2. I just emailed Happy Bats about cost and availability, but it’s good to know that you think it’s worth the buy!

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