Noisy Restaurants

If you want a really good, gigantic plate of vegetarian nachos (corn on corn chips? Genius!) then The Foundation is for you. If you want to enjoy them without the added attraction of overly loud hiphop, order your nachos to go. Noisy restaurants ruin my meal. I hate them. I can understand if it’s noisy because it’s busy and there’s lots of people, but throwing loud music over top of the existing din? Madness! I don’t come to your restaurant for a rave, as much as you’d like to think so. I am paying for the food. And I feel more or less the same way about people performing in restaurants. It’s weird to me. I would not want to perform in front of a bunch of people who have come to eat and talk to one another over top of my performance. That seems rude to me on both ends. So, in summation, I avoid restaurants with live acts and loud music.

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  1. I used to really like The Reef on Main, and then they started doing exactly that. Often they’re playing reggae and dub, which I mostly like, but when they crank it up I start thinking about the brown noise. I can’t go there anymore. It’s too bad, because I like their food. The one in Victoria is bigger and so doesn’t have such a problem with music volume. I noticed the other day that they’re opening a third one on Commercial…I also noticed the new space has low ceilings and apartments above it. I hope it doesn’t wind up the same way as the Main St. one, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live in one of those apartments.

    I was out with th’ wife in The Main the other night. Normally we really like it there…even when there are live acts it’s usually pretty understated…but this time we were seated next to a large group. For me, even worse than loud music is Drunken Fuckknot Who Thinks The Whole World Cares About His Moronic Opinions And He’ll Be Fucked If He Ain’t Sharing Them At The Top Of His Voice. I was in the dilemma of politely asking him to dial it back, asking Lisa to…I’d hate to ask her but she is small and non-threatening sometimes when males like me do that kind of thing it results in Problems. Ultimately we had somewhere to be so we opted to suck it up. But we couldn’t even hear each other. This kind of thing shouldn’t even be an issue…loudness of any stripe in a restaurant is unnecessary and unbelievably rude.

  2. Me too, Dad plays in the pub, but I don’t go. Also Uncle Harry is the restaurant at the same place, I do go occassionally for “chinese food”, the only place in town down here, and fab fish and chips, also the only place down here, Canadian food in Mexico, yeah!!!!
    ps, I have managed for 11 years not to eat Mexican food.

  3. ps, you haven’t heard “Loud” until you’ve come to Mexico. did the Cancer run fundraiser on Sat. and unfortunately our Silent Auction stand was next to the Mex. boom box. Ouch, had my ear plugs in.

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