I guess I’m a lot more anxious about moving than I am about acting in a film, since over the past week I’ve had multiple moving dreams and only one in anticipation of today’s scene.

Any advice for a fellow who wants a new bed but doesn’t have a car/truck? My bed’s going to be too big for my new room since I’m gonna put my work space in there too.

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  1. Most bed stores deliver. Even the one on Broadway that has been going out of business ever since I moved here four years ago.

  2. Canadian Tire has one that you can carry with handles, comes in a bag about the size of a suitcase. Also you can get a blow up bed, like the one I bought for you and friends at Merrick’s house.
    It was only bout 30 dollars, for a double. Look in the yellow pages, for beds, Sears also delivers and they are the only ones I know of who make the 3/4 size bed. A mattress factory would have it tho, and I am sure they are around Vanc. Look at Ikea, they have good solutions too.
    hugs, and what’s the story on moving this time?

  3. What about getting handy (or get someone who is) and get your current bed turned into a “loft bed”? Have it lifted up high enough so you can put your work station under it.

    I’ve seen that kind of arrangement on display at Ikea and it looks great for people short on space. It’s mostly done for kids, but there’s no reason an adult short on space couldn’t do it.

    They’re not cheap to just buy, but surely you know some very handy people who could make one for you. Ikea’s got a Full/Double for $249, and they deliver. Or I can help you pick it up — I’m sure it’ll fit in our car in the box it’ll come in.

  4. That loft bed idea is great. Maximize your workspace, plus Kodos will love a lofty perch deserving of his station.

    Also, when you get someone into bed, it’s a real accomplishment, not a simple matter of meeting, exchanging numbers, calling, an exciting-yet-anxious first date over coffee, exchanging flirtatious emails, having dinner, watching a video, tentative first kiss and cutaway to clothes on the floor. Now you’ve added the additional thrill of ascending a steep ladder to the mix.

  5. I built a bed/desk loft once. Make sure you get someone who knows what they’re doing so it doesn’t collapse while you’re sleeping 😉

  6. I reeeeally considered doing the loft bed but I think instead I’ll just have storage space OVER my bed rather than under. That way if something breaks it will kill me rather than my precious computer.

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