For Some Unsuspicious Reason…

Usually when the blogs are this sparse it means one of 3 things:

1. I’m touring across the country with the band.
2. I’ve got a lot of things on the go.
3. Nothing interesting is happening.

In this case it’s #2. Definitely NOT #3 because there is a very interesting human female (NOT a robot) that I am spending time with and I am pretty stoked about that. Is it okay to say ‘stoked?’ Do the kids still say that or is it outmoded? If outmoded, replace with ‘aroused.’

But I won’t give too much away, always leave with a cliffhanger….

Alternately, always leave with a hilarious photograph:

8 Replies to “For Some Unsuspicious Reason…”

  1. I think “stoked” has made a comeback recently because Kat Von D from the reality TV show “LA Ink” says it about every second sentence. She’s usually “super stoked” though.

    She’s so hot, and incredibly talented (she does “greyscale” tattoos that are out of this world) but sooo dumb.

  2. My understanding is that on the West Coast, stoked is always in style.

    Kinda like “wicked”, for Massholes like me.

    p.s. I’m wicked stoked!

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