Crock Chronicles: I Want Curry in a Hurry

Things I’m most looking forward to eating when the deal is done:

Falafully Good!
plate of nachos with lots of guacamole, refried beans and olives
a big bag of candy from The Candy Aisle
pizza with feta, sundried tomato & kalamata olives
Scottish eccles cake and a florentine from Max’s Deli
The Naam’s sesame fries with miso gravy and some hot apple crisp at 1 in the morning.
Kettle Chips cheddar beer flava
Timmy Ho’s sour cream donut
DQ cappuccino Skor blizzard or Ben & Jerry’s Vermonty Python (ps – did you know that there’s a B&J shop in Coquitlam?)
butter chicken (buffet at New India restaurant) and gulab jamun

Earlier today: Picked out the tiniest whitish potatoes that I could find. Some are no bigger in diameter than a dollar coin. I also picked up a white onion (I’ve tried red and uh…regular brown so it’s time for the white) and a couple of thin yams. I put those all in the bottom. A can of spinach on top of that, and a can of carrots and a can of peas, but I drained both those last two and put their water into a bowl with a chicken boullion cube and microwaved it for 2 minutes. While that was happening I dusted the stuff in the crock with a heaping tablespoon of curry powder. I also put in four grape tomatoes for uh…garnish? The hot chicken broth I cooled with a dash of skim milk and into that I put a heaping tablespoon of curry powder, mixed it up and poured it over everything. Then I realized I forgot the small banana, so I chopped that over the pile. Then I put on three chicken breasts and put almost a bulb of garlic on top with the cloves or half-cloves equidistantly spread. Another heaping tbsp of curry powder, a pinch of ginger powder and the bounty was overflowing so I had to squish it down to put the lid on.

Just now: I don’t know what exactly my expectations were for the slow cooker, but they haven’t been met. I’d say I’m about 60% satisfied with the results so far – the smell during cooking is always better than the taste for some reason. Still got a few more experiments to try before I give up on it, though, such as:

pumpkin pie spice & orange
acorn squash & nutmeg
corn & black beans
and when I get off my diet, stuffing & swiss cheese.

All with chicken breasts, of course.

Day 19: apple 100 granoli 110 miscellaneous bits while I prepared my crockery (peas, banana, tomatoes etc) 50 popsicle 25 orange 100 fudgsicle 70 crockery 250 = 800

3 Replies to “Crock Chronicles: I Want Curry in a Hurry”

  1. don’t give up on your crock pot yet. near as I can tell from your posts, you don’t have a crock pot cookbook. I also get the impression you have yet to search the internet for any “real” crockpot recipes. Not that I doubt your culinary skillz… but before giving up on it, maybe try a recipe?

    My crock pot has turned out some good chicken caccitore, awesome berry cobbler, really good pork ribs, and a nasty batch of baked beans that looked more like spackle (ok so not all recipes are magically delicious). All I do is follow recipes though.

  2. Actually I do have about 2 dozen recipes saved on my computer and a half dozen printed out. Everything so far has been based on those recipes but anything requiring me to pre-cook something on a stove or suchlike has been ignored/adapted. Experiment #2 was based on chicken cacciatore. Like I say, I’ve got 3 more at least that I want to try.

  3. I know you a kitchenphobe, but STOP USING CANNED VEGGIES. They don’t have half the flavor of fresh.

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