Day 17 & 18: Tiny Bites – You're Killin' Me Smalls!

Oh no! Beowulf is playing at my favourite theater, The Rio! What do I do?

So has everyone gone to see No Country for Old Men yet?

“They” have these 140 calorie ice cream sandwiches which are great. But I learned today that the freezer at work doesn’t get cold enough to keep them in a suitably solid state so I conveniently had to pig out on them today. Normally I wouldn’t eat 3 servings of ice cream (well, not on this diet anyway).

Part of this diet that I haven’t addressed is the frequency strategy. You’ll notice that as I catalogue what I’ve been eating (at the bottom of these posts) it’s all in chunks of about 200 calories or less. The strategy is to eat about 100-200 calories every 2 hours or so. This in some way is supposed to trick your body into losing weight somehow, I’m not really sure what the theory is. But apparently it’s working. On Medifast it was 5 packs of their powdery food, which would be shakes or soup or chili or some such, then a more normal meal of some lean meat and green vegetables, and also they had these delicious bars, basically candy bars, that I think were about 200 calories – you could have one of those a day as well and boy howdy I looked forward to that. Presently I buy Quaker Chewy granola bars (but just the Rocky Road, S’mores and Chocolate Chip ones because they’re the lowest calorie bars and also they have 8 in a box whereas the yogurt ones only have 5 for the same price – also in a strange twist the fruity bars are way more calories that the candyish bars, but I digress). A further strategy I employ is to really slow down and savour these treats. Tonight while I was enjoying a granola bar I picked at it like a bird; it probably took me about 20 minutes to eat the one g-bar. If that’s something you can pull off, it helps under any circumstance because it takes a while for your body to tell your brain that it’s full, and sometimes we overeat because we don’t get that signal in time.

Tomorrow: Crock Pottery Experiment #3

Apropos of nothing, I finally got through Tenacious D’s “The Metal” on Guitar Hero III. Tres dificile!

Day 17: granoli 110 orange 100 creamsicle 25 crockery 200 Goodies 150 granoli 130 crockery 200 creamsicle 25 granoli 140 = 1080 calories

Day 18: ice cream 140 granoli 110 ice cream 140 ice cream 140 chicken 200 granoli 110 peas 100 granoli = 1140 calories