Day 13 & 14: Grill of My Dreams

So it’s already been two crazy weeks on this diet and I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost. All I can tell you is I really want some licorice allsorts and some pumpkin pie.

Okay, is this weird? I sometimes have dreams about eating. Not just cooking a meal and eating the meal, or being at a restaurant, but vast quantities of food laid out before me. I recall one where I was in a 7-11 or similar gas station food mart and just buying candy after snack food. Or the one where I stumbled into the wrong room at a hotel and there was this huge banquet going on, so I just started picking things off of various tables. Or the one where I was at the mall food fair and again, picking things from various vendors for to eat right away. And rarely shopping, usually swiping food that I shouldn’t be eating.

Anyone else have dreams like these? I don’t have them constantly, but I think it does say something about how very much I love to eat bad food. Consciously bad in health, subconsciously bad in ethics (…and health).

Day 13: orange 100 breyersicle 70 crockpot experiment one 200 D&D snackables 300 crockiness 200 breyersicle 70 = 940 calories

Day 14: granoli bar 110 apple 100 icy creamy 100 granular bar 110 chicken 200 breyersicle 70 banana 200 + vegetable chili 200 = 1100 calories

5 Replies to “Day 13 & 14: Grill of My Dreams”

  1. Maybe you’re channelling Doctor Zoidberg?

    I have those dreams but they always take place in Bangkok and I’m not stealing FOOD!!

  2. Years ago I had a dream where I was eating in a family-run resturant in Italy. After the meal I realised they (the family) were going to kill me (“Gotta maka the meatballs!”). An all out brawl ensued with much plate throwing, knife stabbing, tables flipping, etc. Usually the kind of stuff that happens in my “Hey we’re being over run by zombies!” dreams. Anyway, I kicked their ass. And as I walked up the stairs to leave, the grandmother burst from the kitchen, jumped on my back, bit into my neck and jammed steak knives right under my collar bones.
    The dream ended there, but when I woke up I knew I was being served to some other tourists.

  3. i have food dreams all the time.
    I mean I REALLY must have them all the time, because I wake up, and it’s the part of the morning where you remember your dreams most easily…

    And I often remember that I was eating, or wanting to eat,
    or doing something else eatish.


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