Day 8: I Eat When I'm Bored, But I Never Get Bored of Eating

I covered some of this stuff in this post from April, but let’s review some more Fat Facts. This is important setup for some of my points later on, so slog through it. This I ordain.


I don’t eat fish or really any seafood. I rarely eat pork (I’ll have ham on a sandwich or pizza occasionally) and beef even less. I do eat turkey and chicken. They’re the healthiest meat (minus fish which I can gloat about not eating for environmental reasons but really I despise the taste) and poultry is delicious. However, I only eat the white meat, and avoid the skin.


There are certain foods I call pointless foods. Rice, pasta/noodles (of the Orient or otherwise) and bread are pointless foods. They’re pointless because they’re starchy carbs, so they’re off diet, and I don’t find them satisfying. When I order Indian or Thai I skip the rice, but will take naan instead (I know I just said I don’t enjoy bread but naan’s an exception). At Thanksgiving dinner there may be rolls right next to the stuffing, I’ll skip the roll but take extra stuffing. The problem with pointless foods is that if they’re still around after I’ve eaten everything else, oh, I’ll eat them, just like anything else that’s put in front of me. So I make a point not to get them in front of me. Simply put, these foods are not worth it to eat, as far as I’m concerned.


Another aspect of what I’d like to call my eating disorder is that I eat when I’m not hungry. This happens for two reasons: a) I’m really craving a specific food, usually instant-gratification junk foods such as cheddar beer chips, taro bubble tea or a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Vermonty Python ice cream (which I can’t find anywhere anymore – was it a limited edition or something? Not that I should have access to this anyway); 2) I’m bored or procrastinating, like for azzample when I draw, I’ll make some weak passes at a difficult bit (and starting a drawing is always a difficult bit) and then take a break which may involve a video game or eating or both. As a result of the Cravy Craverson Effect and the Bore Me To Munchies Effect (especially the latter) I’ve learned that a successful strategy is not to keep any food in the house. This has the extra bonus insofar as when I really do have to eat something, I have to get on my bike and exercise in order to fetch it. That’s one of the boons of having been evicted actually – I am no longer two short blocks from butter tarts and eccles cakes at 11:45pm.

zdepth says:

Get a crockpot. You can usually find them at thrift stores. Here’s what you do: [explains how to cook a chicken & vegetables with ease] When its done cooking eat it. Or some of it anyway. The rest put in a container for later. Except, leave the fluid in the crockpot. You should remove the meat from the bones. Put the bones back in the crockpot. Cook it for another hour or two. Strain all the non-fluid stuff and as much of the chicken fat as you can get. You now have chicken broth. You can make soup or you could use it to cook rice (and you can use the crockpot for that) and have yummy rice. In total, this should take maybe twenty minutes of your time (prep, finish, etc). It’s healthy and yummy and easy.

Okay, I’m listening to what you’re saying. This is intriguing. Permit me to respond, and don’t take this as naysaying or dismissal, because I am actually considering the benefits of this and trying to fairly weigh the idea vs reality. Additionally, I don’t want to pooh-pooh feedback because I do like the ideas and suggestions all y’all are providing in the comments.

Alpha Phase: Get a crockpot. This is probably something to put on my Christmas wish list because I don’t envision this as something I can ride home with in my backpack. I guess I could take the bus. I’ll contemplate this on the Tree of Woe.

Beta Phase: Buy a whole chicken. This is an intriguing notion. I never buy raw meat so going into this area of the supermarket will be a new adventure! Normally when I want poultry I do one of three things:

1) Buy one of the roasted whole chickens from Safeway or Max’s Deli. It’s been a while since I did the Safeway thing but the chickens at Max’s are stuffed with oranges and onions and seasoned with rosemary. Good stuff.
2) Buy a package of precooked grilled turkey strips and crack a bottle of Grey Poupon.
3) Buy peppercorn or sundried tomato or flavour de jour sliced turkey in the deli section of Safeway and do as 2 or occasionally make a sandwich with it.

Gamma Phase (optional): Storing the chicken. I’d pretty much have to get the chicken on the same day that I’d cook it. There is no room in the 2 fridges here. No problem if I plan properly.

Delta Phase: Eat the chicken. Yum.

Epsilon Phase: Leftovers. See CUPBOARD IS BARE DILEMMA listed above. This is probably the biggest drawback to the idea.

Zeta Phase: Broth benefit. I of course would have nothing to do with broth because I don’t make soup or rice (again, having no pots or pans or a strainer for that matter, and generally not being a fan of soup or rice!). I guess Kodos would be a fan of this phase though.

Eta Phase: Washing the dishes. I think we all know my feelings on this matter. If I had to choose only one reason not to cook, this would be it.

All of that said, this sounds like an interesting project and I’d like to do it just to see how it turns out. A fun and delicious experiment! Would I do it on a regular basis? Depends on initial success. Certainly not as convenient as just buying cooked chicken. Is there any difference in how healthy a roasted chicken is vs a slow-cooked one? Or in taste?

Next exciting issue: Pizza Party

Day 8: granola bar 130 + apple 100 + granola bar 110 + orange 100 + ice cream 100 + granola bar 110 + turkey in a can! 200 + misc party snacks (about a 6-10 chips some with bean dip, a chocolate covered espresso bean, 3 grape tomatoes and a couple carrot sticks) 100 = 940 calories.

Did anyone notice that I used a) and 2)? If you did, you win. Maybe there’s a puzzle in every blog entry here on – think about it!

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  1. I can understand the eat to procrastinate thing. I used to do that. Now I read blogs/surf the web. I’m doing it right now. I should be fixing the spine rigging on this character, but I’m reading your blog instead.

    No way could I argue with the no dishes/no food in the house thing. I used to live like that. “Food? Where do you want to go?” But now, I have kids. “Food? Right now? Uh, oh yeah, good thing I cooked that chicken. Let’s heat it up.”

    However. . . You realize that you have lost the first battle in the “diet wars” by surrendering control of food preperation to “the others”.

    In any case, your kitchen infrastructure issues defeat the whole idea of the slow-cooker (we call it that also). I’d hate for this to go down like the coffee experiment.

    Maybe what you might try is a slackademics cooking class…

    If somehow, you do find yourself trying this DO NOT BUY a chicken from Safeway. Go to a butcher. In fact, go to a halal butcher (if there’s one in your area).

  2. An word of advice about broth: if you are in any way used to commercial soups (ie, Campbell’s) or non-white flavour bases (Indian food, Thai, etc), you will find broth made from a chicken bland as hell and very disappointing. Stocks are made with a lot of veggies in addition to the meat, and when using meat, browning it first really helps the flavour. None of this saves you much time. Seriously, as someone who makes stock semi-regularly, I think for someone like you it’s not worth the time and effort required to get one that tastes good. Boiled chicken water will not taste like chicken soup.

    However, if you need water anyway (for rice, soup or stock base, whatever) boiled chicken water will have more flavour than tap water. Just don’t expect miracles from it – it will need more effort to taste good.

  3. I was going to suggest an Omega Phase, but then realized what that would entail. We’ve read quite enough on your bowel movements, thanks.

  4. I would be happy happy happy to make the chicken dish for youse, so you can see it’s just that easy (ding!)

    If you don’t eat the skin (which I forgot to mention is stuffed with rosemary and parsley and salted) it’s relatively healthy. The roasted potatoes, on the other hand, are a greasy mass of delicious chicken fat. You can forgo the salt on the skin, too. And you don’t have to make the potatoes with the chicken fat.

    Writing this is making my mouth water.

    Another great benefit of cooking: it’s cheap! You know those $8 meals you can buy prepared everywhere? They cost $1 to make.

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