Day 5 + 6: Mustard Eases the Pain

Kelly’s scale says I’m at 191.0 lbs. Twelve lbs to go.

The single greatest thing about mustard is that I love it and it’s very low calorie. The two greatest things about mustard is that I love it, it’s very low calorie, and it comes in many varieties. Amongst the greatest things about mustard are such diverse elements as: I love it; it’s very low calorie; it comes in many varieties….

Day 5: orange (100) caramels (400 damn you Kelly!) chicken & salad (300) Thinsations (100) Banana (150) = 1050 calories

Day 6: salad (100) apple (100) chocolate covered candied orange peels (200 damn you Kelly!) apple (100) chicken (180) + carrots (100) = 800 calories

2 Replies to “Day 5 + 6: Mustard Eases the Pain”

  1. Sticky rice + olive oil + salt n peppa (yes, the group) is also not a bad el cheapo snack.

    Which I ate for the better part of a very poor year.

  2. Actually, as someone who learned to cook late in life, most of the best dishes are just “stuff in a pot + heat”. Then again, I’m a simple man with simple tastes, but cooking is really just fresh ingredients, heat and the right amount of time.

    Not counting souffles and all that craaazy stuff.

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