It looked like a sasquatch, and Yet I….

When I’m not being subjected to stress, I sleep well and usually don’t remember my dreams. Recently I’ve been remembering tons of dreams, most not worth transcribing (although recently I dreamt that I had created a sexy android to do my whim, who was so lifelike that she even critiqued my performance – I had another one that involved an extremely hairy baby – like sasquatch only sparser and more disturbing), and sleeping poorly. Of course my perennial problem of preferring to stay up watching movies and writing blog entries rather than going to bed doesn’t help, but it’s safe to say that the whole eviction thing is really the culprit here. Stress ruins my sleep. This is why when I book plane flights I try to book them very late at night – if they’re during the day I usually don’t even get to sleep, I’m in such a state. I guess I inherit my worry from my Ma.