An Ear Ache My Eye!

I seemed to have got my very first ear infection this week, which came and seemingly went. That made my extremely busy two days off of work even more interesting. Tuesday I went in for an audition, did some packing and other errands, and played Call of Cthulhu with the boys. Wednesday I biked to UBC for my weekly textbook reading, then biked to East Van for a callback, then biked back to Kits for a meeting with Mike about the music video for “A Marine Biologist” and then biked back to East Van for movies and games with Stephane & Sheri. “Short Circuit” is not a good movie. But I’ve been taping stuff like mad off of Turner Classic Movies – faster than I can watch them. I’ve got a pile of VHS tapes to go through, including Blow-Up, Greed, Psycho, Curse of the Demon, Fail Safe and some others.

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