Eviction Files: Part 4

So there were at least 3 camera crews, including CBC, Global and Channel M here yesterday, and a bunch of other reporters with dictaphones and notepads, when the local MLA sat at my neighbor’s dining room table for a little press conference about what’s happening in our building.



Will it help? Can I stay? Who knows….

4 Replies to “Eviction Files: Part 4”

  1. Toren, this was the perfect opportunity to pass out some copies of The Shadow out of Tim. An eviction tragedy equals free press for the Thickets! Jump on that media horse and ride it till it bucks you off.

  2. Classic crap. Buy a property cheap, kick everyone, do superficial reno’s to make it pretty and then double to rent or go condo. Their mama’s dun raised ’em wrong!

    Dave’s right, hand out free CD’s to the media and do interviews, lots of interviews.

  3. Bastards. Fight it dude. They’ve only permit for electrical panels, yet they state their evicting for actual renos? Keep up with the MLA and get an earlier appeal with the Residency Board.

    If you don’t keep up with the MLA, they’ll eventually forget all about it and move on to the next cause, with superficial political statements. Keep on them to do their job representing you guys.

  4. Yeah, if they’re doing superficial changes, fight the eviction hard, man. When I first heard about it I got the feeling they were tearing the whole place down and building something huge there.

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