The Eviction Files: Part 3

Stewie and I have been looking for new places, and this weekend we checked out a couple. Each had their pros and cons, and we’ll continue to try to find some more options since we still have a fair amount of time. In the meantime we’ve been approached by the other people in our building who are mobilizing to fight the eviction. One of them told us that the property company is offering them $2000 to get out – I want that deal!

Where’s a good place to look for places to rent besides craigslist?

One Reply to “The Eviction Files: Part 3”

  1. That’s a good deal. I bet all you have to do is send a letter threatening legal action to get some kind of offer from those fucks. And I think you should do it. $2000 is a lot of coke zero. Or rent.

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