Coffee's for Closers

Not long ago I was “addicted” to Ben & Jerry’s Vermonty Python ice cream – I was eating it several times a week. If you don’t know, it’s coffee ice cream with fine cookie crumble swirls and fudge cow-shapes. Now, traditionally, I am not a coffee fan, but I do enjoy coffee ice cream and coffee chocolate mixes and whatnot. So being that I had been consuming so much coffee-flavoured sweetness, I thought perhaps it might be time to reintroduce myself to the beverage. After all, it’s an appetite suppressant, right? Everybody’s doing it, right? And maybe when someone says “let’s go for coffee” I could actually go for coffee – what a world! I was mailing away some CDs at 7-11 so I decided to try a cup. Well, despite the heinous amounts of sugar-free sweetener I put into my coffee, it was pretty disagreeable. I guess it’s not just the same without all that ice cream around it. And anyway, caffeine is the ingredient that supposedly suppresses appetite and there’s plenty of that in Coke Zero anyway.

3 Replies to “Coffee's for Closers”

  1. You got coffee at 7-11 and you use THAT as the measuring stick to avoid coffee in the future?

  2. Depth is right. That stuff they serve at 7-11 is a coffee-ish beverage that only truckers hopped up on speed and corndogs can stomach. Have a latte, whydoncha?

  3. plus, as someone who doesn’t like coffee but has been known to drink it in emergency long hauls, add lots of cream/milk with that sweetener. it is repulsive without it.

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