Movies Movies Movies! And Additional Movies! …of the latter half of 2007.

Movies to see: SICKO, Ratatouille, Knocked Up (at the Rio), Transformers.
Live Free Die Hard is getting good ratings, so I might see it after I’ve seen all of the above.

Not much of a trailer, but here’s what they’ve got for the next Pixar film, about a robot, WALL-E

Also, does anyone know anything about this Will Smith film “I Am Legend?” I have a soft spot for last man on earth films, but not vampire films.

Also also – anyone seen Sunshine?

By the way – I know it’s a way off but the new Coen Brothers film opens in wide release in November. It’s called No Country for Old Men and [here] are 5 clips. If you watch only one of them, make it the second clip.

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  1. I Am Legend (1954) is an amazing novel of the psychological and physical struggles of a man who has survived a plague. The disease has turned everyone into vampire-like creatures. Gripping stuff.

    The novel has been made into 2 movies so far: Last Man on Earth (1964) with Vincent Price and The Omega Man (1971) with Charleton Heston.

    I am not hopeful about this new version with Will Smith given the director who was the one that massacred Constantine, one of my favorite comic books. Some of the scenes in the trailer look good though.

  2. Re: No Country for Old Men. Fantastic book. But Cormac McCarthy has yet to write a bad one in my opinion. Not so sure how well this will translate to the screen. It’s definately a strange combination (McCarthy and Coen Brothers). I’ll definately see the movie.
    BTW I named my dog, Cormac, after McCarthy.
    Anyway, the ultimate McCarthy novel is being turned into a film. Blood Meridian (to be directed by Ridley Scott). I like Scott, but this is not a book that can be filmed. Toren, considering your interests I think you would really, really enjoy Blood Meridian (the full title is, “Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West”).

  3. I too sniff at vampire stories but this one could be good. Like, if they didn’t hire Will Smith for the role. Anyway, it’s much more of a last man on earth focus than a vampire focus, if they follow the book. Has an interesting twist.

  4. Read a book? Me? Is it short? Like, Lovecraft short? Right now I’m reading THE GOD DELUSION and I haven’t gotten very far. I blame the internet.

  5. Is it short? That depends on your definition. The trade edition is about 350 pages. Give it a try. McCarthy’s writing style is lucid and halucinatory all at once; dangerous and evocative. Fluid. It’s beautiful and scary.
    The God Delusion. . . I’ve been wanting to read that, but I feel like I would be the converted being preached to.

  6. Sunshine is alright.
    well, it’s alright, if you can ignore the awful science. and the iffy acting. and the abysmal ending.

  7. The book I Am Legend is a short novel, not a heavy read. Richard Matheson likes to keep it focused and tight when writing. I’m a huge fan of his work and that of his son Richard Christian Matheson (three of his four children are writers) and I think you would like it.

  8. I saw Sunshine. I liked it. Far from perfect but it had the first, real practical character I can ever recall in a sci-fi/horror setting which made it a refreshing change. Plus it looked great (I saw it on a big screen).

    Unlike Marsh, I didn’t mind the acting for the most part and I didn’t think the science in the movie didn’t snap my suspenders of disbelief. I think I may have even reviewed it on my blog. I think I gave it a 6.5 or 7 out of 10.

    As for I Am Legend, well, everyone here has already told you everything I know about it. Except that when I was at the local bookstore (or book shop) the guy behind the counter had no idea the book existed. He thought it was just a movie. Troglodyte!

  9. I meant to say ‘I didn’t think the science in the film was bad enough to snap my suspenders of disbelief’

    Also, the film cannot decide if it is horror or sci-fi. It shifts gears about 2/3 of the way through. I found that shift disappointing. I saw no need for the horror aspect. I would have preferred it much more if it was just straight sci-fi. However, then I might have been more critical of the science.

    oh who can say?

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