The Eviction Files: Part 2

Since we got the eviction notice, we got a message telling us when they’d be power washing the windows and painting the building. So I guess they’re not demolishing the building (although it would be pretty cool if they gussied it up before they smashed it), just kicking us all out for the renovations. When I bumped into the guy from Evictions Canada (kind of like Elections Canada only even more sinister) he asked me how long I’d lived here. After his explanations about what was going on he thanked me for being so understanding. “After living here for 10 years I thought you’d be up in arms.” My response was, and is, that it’s kind of overdue. I had hoped to be out of here by now, but not just out of the building but onto the next chapter of my life (whatever the hell that may be, but I think there’s a house involved). And now I am, in a way, just unexpectedly so!