Yog! Sothoth!

You know, I kind of like our song “Yog-Sothoth” from way back in the 90’s. I guess somebody else feels the same way because they put it in their school video project.

There is a terrible secret about this musical track that I can only tell you about in person.

PS – so far I’ve sold ~ 20 copies of the album and given away about half that. All of the sales were for the Jun 14th pre-release and thus were mail orders, which I sent today, much to the chagrin of the four people in line behind me at the postal orifice. The clerk was a young guy who was really nice and actually picked 2 uncancelled stamps off one of my recycled envelopes and gave them back to me for reuse.

PS – for a lark, I looked up myface.com and spacebook.com. One of them is a real friend networking site.

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  1. I hope he got a D. Some text, overuse of the “page turn” transition, some borrowed music and B&W video of people walking through a room shows a complete lack of effort.

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