1000 Movies

I did it! Even discounting the handful of TV shows on the list, I’ve still rated on over 1000 movies on imdb.com

Recent viewings: The Best Years of Our Lives (8/10 …I would go 8.5 even); Ball of Fire (8/10 silly and great, you know the scientist from the Bugs Bunny super-rabbit cartoon? Modelled off of one of the old professors in this film. Stewie calls it Revenge of the Geriatric Nerds); House of Usher (7/10 barely); Jack the Giant Killer (4/10 Harryhausen, but more like Krofft Supershow); Three Worlds of Gulliver (6/10); To Have and Have Not (8/10 Lauren Bacall defines sultry); Young Sherlock Holmes (5/10 – too much like Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).