The Last Vault Show

Good rock show last night at The Vault. No complaints about the new material so far! Devon was there and he gave me one of the very first run of Thickets shirts – even I didn’t have one of these, until now! Before the times of computrons and digital garment printers, we made our shirts with a cardboard stencil and an airbrush. Behold!


Also, I made up a group on Flickr, currently with 78 photos and graphics of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. If you have any Thickets photos, feel free to add to the group! Thanks

Here is the URL:

4 Replies to “The Last Vault Show”

  1. I still have my Diggin’ Up The World 1992 tour shirt! Some day it’ll be worth MILLIONS*.

    *of Zimbabwe dollars.

  2. It’s in the contract if we want to play at The Vault. We also have to do a cover of Hockey Night in Canada.

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