de4dmeta1 is My Guitar Hero

Watch “A Marine Biologist” on Guitar Hero II in this youtube clip from de4dmeta1. Pretty sweetass. I wonder if we’d get in trouble if we released an actual music video for one of our songs this way. Too bad none of the characters in Guitar Hero wear Lovecraftian monster costumes. Although Pandora’s feather outfit is in the neighbohood.

Yeah, Expert baby!

4 Replies to “de4dmeta1 is My Guitar Hero”

  1. Holy CRAP! That is amazing! I couldn’t play our song on Guitar Hero and I can play it for real!

    I guess my first question is “How did our song get transformed into a Guitar Hero format?”

    My second question is “Can we do more?”

    If we can, can we make them available for download?

  2. Well thanks for not reading MY blog, banks!

    Guitar Hero fans have hacked GH1 and GH2 (for the PS2) so they can add their own songs and key setups using custom PC software. They then burn a custom GH disc that will only play in a modded PS2.

    So yeah, I need to mod my PS2.

  3. “Can we do more?”

    Sure, why the hell not? I’m just polishing up the guitar line and writing up the bassline right now, but I was thinking of Guitar Heroing up Big Robot Dinosaur in the near future.

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